MAP Inventory

The MAP is an external module to the debit and credit plastics emission systems, whose main function is to take an accurate inventory of virgin plastics in the plaster area as well as in the different agencies of the institution. This module manages the flow of information since the plastic is required to the delivery area until it is dumped and delivered to the customer, passing through the distribution and location areas of the institution.

Provides all necessary inquiries to obtain accurate information on a particular plastic immediately.

It allows carrying an inventory by office by products in which it is possible to define the maximum and minimum quantity for each branch of a determined product. This functionality is normally used for the administration of prenumbered plastics in offices.

The system also provides the necessary reports according to the desired query level.


  • Configuration by parameters
  • Multi-company
  • Security
  • Inventory
  • IVR Call Archive
  • Different forms of delivery
  • Various levels of consultation
  • Location module
  • Workflow
  • Transfer / Confirmation
  • Download Form
  • Audit and control


  • Control of inventory of plastics from its origin in supplies until shipment to the branches and final delivery to the customer.
  • Verification of the performance of each branch in the delivery of plastics
  • Reduction of costs by the generation of unmanaged prenumbered plastics.
  • Fast and timely identification of the location of cards in the different points of the process of packaging and delivery to the customer.
  • Reduce financial losses by adding the events generated in the process of emission, distribution and delivery of plastics to the monitoring tool used by the institution.
  • Quick and accurate availability of information for decision making regarding the application of new plastics.
  • It allows generating at any time what is the cost of plastic by the cost center.