It is part of a suite of attention to credit risk. From the main systems allows the extraction, transformation and loading of the credits that a person (physical or legal) contracts with an institution regulated and controlled by the Superintendency of Banks.

The Ris Credit ™ product provides up-to-date credit information for borrowers of the financial institution, quality of loans, group risks, etc.


  • Have a single database of the credit operations of a financial institution providing timely information to financial institutions and supervisory bodies.
  • Enable the Risk Department staff to spend their time in value analysis, not in the continuous generation of reports.
  • Create a Risk Central that allows to evaluate and to project the different situations and variations that involve possible credit risks.


  • Risk reports, debtors reports and guarantors in execution and punished, reports of linked and adjudications, etc.
  • Detailed information by sectors, geographic areas, operations, etc.
  • Accurate information regarding risks and situations.
  • Information about customer repayment capacity (qualifications).
  • Information that allows the development of indexes and tools for evaluating credit risk.
  • Reports:
    • About debtors
    • On other assets
    • About the Institution
    • About the linked map
    • On liquidity risk